Photograph of Ben Dietrich


Why hello! Ben Dietrich here, a front-end web developer since 2014. I enjoy creating on the web, building websites, and exploring the world of typography all while furthering my education at Treehouse. I began down this path after an extensive career in non-profit association operations and certification exam management. While I cherish that experience, it wasn't until I hand-coded my first website that I felt a genuine rush of accomplishment. What a feeling! (Albeit an incredibly nerdy one ☺)

I built this space in the interwebs to showcase my progress and create a sandbox in which to play. When I have a break from my studies I'll add a few of my musings or fancier stylings. At the very least I'll add more cats. This website has far too few felines.

Outside of coding I enjoy exercising, not tearing my achilles, exploring the ever enchanting Portland, birds of prey activities, and a quality pint. Oh and in case it wasn't obvious, the one wearing the UNC beanie is not me.

Take a look at my resume or follow me on Twitter @BenDietrich...if you are interested in the coding world, Philadelphia sports, or random humor.